Glass domes

Suitable for 1 large flower or small arrangement


Vintage cup/saucers

34 sets available


Ceramic milk bottles

white ceramic vase - 19cmH


Vintage lace vase

Glass container with vintage lace. 20 available


Metal/glass vase

Rustic looking vase - 16 available


Bell shaped vase

12 available with candle riser


Mirrored glass/waisted vase

mirrored glass, waisted with pearls -40 available


Pottery container

Pottery container in rustic/white x11. These have a glass inner to hold water or could be used without the glass for candles. Have cut out heart shape.

$2.50 - $3.50e


Large selection of clear bottles available


Glass pedestals

Suitable for food or flowers x16 available


Silver vase

12cm mirrored vase - 16 available


Cylinder vases

Cylinder glass vases x12 - 75H x 10W


Fishbowl – large

Large shaped fishbowl - 25cm at widest point. 16 available


Wooden wine box

Wooden wine boxes, can be style modern or classical x12


Fishbowl – medium

Medium sized fishbowl - 16 available


Glass jar

Glass jar with metal handle and string round rim. Can also add hessian round middle x12


Fishbowl – small

smallish glass fishbowl - 20 available


Porcelin cube in black

Porcelin cube in black x 12 - 12cm square


T/light votive

Silver t/light votive


Glass Jars

Glass vase with metal handle, white ribbon round rim with bow. Glass is shaped x14


Fishbowl – smallest

Fishbowl suitable as t/light or small vase. 80cmH. 36 Available


Mason jars

Mason jars - 13cmH x 7.5W x12



T/light 120 available


Stands – black

Stands in black (and some white)  70cmH, approx 30 available


T/light – crystal

Crystal t/light - 30 available


T/light – fishbowl

Mini fishbowl t/light


T/light – votive pink

Pink mirrored glass votive - 9 available


Chrystal vase

Chrystal vase 16cm - 17 available