Metal archway

Metal arch with feet that push into the ground for stability





Wooden doves

x5 available. Great for table numbers of as a centrepiece


Cream hessian

Cream hessian runners x12 - 30cm wide and 3 metres long

$95 raw

Arch – fibreglass pedestal/metal

This arch has metal arch tied onto pedestal legs. Looks great with flowers and foliage added.


Wishing well



Table number holder – crystal

x50 available. Can be used for table names also


Urns and stands

Creamy white pedestals x2 at 1 metre, x2 at 70cmH, and x2 at 50cm x4 creamy white urns x2 charcoal pedestals at 70cmH and x2 charcoal urns (other odds and ends also available - on request)

$60 raw

Arch – manuka

Simple manuka arch that is secured into the ground. Can be draped with hessian, white fabric and or flowers/foliage

$50 with urn/stand hire also

Message tree


Table number holder – wood

small wooden easels - x16 available


Americana chairs

white padded top chairs - x28


Arch – white wood

Can be modified and draped several ways.


White Americana chairs

28 available


Table number holder – red heart

x10 available


Shepherd Crooks

Come in black or white 8 of each colour

$40 with candles


Silver tall candelabra and candles


candle – battery

x6 wax battery operated candles


Shepherd crooks – birds

12 of these available


Ladder – wooden


candle – t/light battery

x30 available


Love sign

Has fine metal stakes at back


wine barrels

2 available


light – submersible

x12 available. Has battery and fully submersible


Mr and Mrs

Self supporting sign for table

$40e with candles

Candelabra – silver

3 available


Copper urns

x2 available. One has feet, the other doesn't


Frame – rustic

Made from mossy wood


Chair sashes

120 white, 50 red and 50 navy


Lollie jars

A selection available


Wood rings

approx. 25cm


Circular hanging frame

This works well against a wall vertically, or hanging horizontally from the ceiling


Heart blackboards




rustic wood framed blackboard - self supporting


Mirrors – round

x20 round mirrors 30cm diameter


Rustic lantern

Suitable for rustic or vintage wedding


Deer antler pieces

5 available


Mirrors – long

x5 rectangular mirrors suitable for head table 15cmW x 80cmL

$5 upwards

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers can add a punch when real flowers are in short supply


Beer crates

4 available


Topiary balls – artificial

x4 available with white bucket


Table number or photo board


$30 for 2

Gold birdcage

x2 different sizes


Hessian table runners

30cm wide x 2 metres long. 20 available


Hessian bunting

2 pieces approx. 2 metres each



20 available


Glass domes

16 available. Suitable for small posie or one flower

$30 for 2

Gold birdcages

2 birdcages in 2 sizes


Black milk can

1 available


Glass orbs

12 available


Waterfall plug in lights

3m in length